Chin-su leaves strong impression at Seoul Food 2023

May 31, 2023 | 18:05
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On May 30, Masan Consumer Corporation (HSX: MCH) stepped up its "Chinsu Global - Around the World" strategy as it officially introduced the Chin-su Pho and Spices Collection at Seoul Food 2023.

Masan chose South Korea as the next key market to launch its premium Chin-su collection after Japan. The company has invested in research and development to create a set of products that appeal to the country's culinary traditions and standards, as part of Chin-su's goal to bring Vietnamese cuisine to the world.

Chin-su leaves strong impression at Seoul Food 2023

Chin-su also launched a selection of Pho seasoning at the event, along with its chilli, soy, and fish sauces, developed with input from chefs, young people, and families in South Korea.

There are three varieties of Chin-su chilli sauce available. First, the Original flavour makes any Korean dish hot with the spicy warmth of Vietnamese chilli peppers. With the harmony of spicy, sweet and sour flavours, Chin-su chilli sauce can be easily incorporated into typical Korean dishes such as pancakes, fried chicken, Gyoza (dumplings), fish cakes, and fried potatoes.

The second variety is Bibim chilli sauce, which is mixed with rice sauce and is inspired by the typical Korean condiment Gochujang, combined with the flavour of Chin-su chilli sauce. Finally, Wasabi chilli sauce was first introduced to South Korean food lovers after making a big splash in the Japanese and Vietnamese markets.

Chin-su chilli sauce is now also available in convenient tubes, first launched at Seoul Food 2023. The new design targets food lovers who are passionate about discovering and collecting multiple flavours alongside Chin-su's signature red bottle.

Chin-su leaves strong impression at Seoul Food 2023

Chin-su's Bien Dong anchovy fish sauce boasts 40 grams of protein and is made from an exclusive source of fish sauce. It provides the ultimate delicious taste with an amber-red brown colour, deep aroma, and rich sweet taste of ripe fish. As the pride of the Chin-su brand, this high-class product not only brings a delicate flavour to family meals, but also promises to conquer the taste buds of patrons in South Korea, just as it did in Japan.

Also at Seoul Food 2023, Chin-su surprised many traditional food lovers when it launched the Pho Story line. Pho Story brings consumers on a journey of discovery, as it preserves and develops the traditional flavour of Vietnamese pho. The product is elaborately processed from carefully selected ingredients to bring out the delicate nuances of the sweet and delicate broth with the aroma of beef, ginger, and scallions, blended with soft noodles. The elegant flavour of this traditional recipe is encapsulated in the Pho Story brand so that pho lovers can savour the ancestral dash in modern times, wherever they are.

Chin-su leaves strong impression at Seoul Food 2023

Kim In Chon, president of Hyosung International, said, "The launch of Chin-su's premium condiment collection and Pho seasoning at Seoul Food 2023 is a testament to the unique culinary exchange between our two countries. Vietnamese cuisine has become more renowned among South Koreans, as many Vietnamese restaurants and eateries have sprung up all over the country. We are extremely confident that when Chin-su seasoning and sauces are officially launched in South Korea, we will be able to quickly distribute these products to eager consumers."

Seoul Food is an annual international event for the hotel, hospitality, and food and beverage industry. This year's event was the 41st edition and attracted over 1,000 businesses from more than 30 countries. Chin-su's product launch marks the first step for the company in introducing its collection of noodles and spices to the South Korean market. Moving forward, Chin-su hopes to expand its coverage, serving the needs of South Korean consumers and overseas Vietnamese who live, study, and work all over the country.

Masan is accelerating its "Go Global" strategy, with a target of 15 per cent of sales coming from international business by 2027. The success in the Japanese market and a strong start in South Korea will be encouragement for Masan to launch its products in other developed markets around the world, such as Australia, Europe, and North America.

Pham Hong Son, deputy general director of Masan Consumer, said, "Vietnamese cuisine is on the list of the world's top cuisines. Spices are vital to recreate the uniqueness of Vietnamese cuisine, such as the strong flavour of anchovy fish sauce, the stimulating spicy warmth of chilli peppers, and the aroma of garlic and traditional herbs."

"Masan Consumer wishes to bring the appeal of Vietnamese cuisine to the world through Chin-Su seasoning and sauces so that people in different countries can enjoy Vietnamese cuisine,” Son added.

CHIN-SU chili sauce sublimates the taste of pho in the old pho space CHIN-SU chili sauce sublimates the taste of pho in the old pho space

CHIN-SU chili sauce contributed to recreating the scene of cooking old pho with traditional flavours in Van Cu Village from December 9 to 12. The villagers from the hometown of pho and thousands of visitors witnessed talented chefs preparing the dish and excitedly immersed themselves in the interesting activities during the Day of Pho.

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