Doosan Vina raising Vienamese partners

December 24, 2016 | 17:17
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As one of the leading engineering firms in Vietnam, since its day of establishment 10 years ago in Dung Quat Economic Zone, Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam (Doosan Vina) has always tried to fulfill its fair share of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

One of the firm’s CSR programmes is aimed at bringing benefits to the Vietnamese business community through expertise and experience sharing with subcontractors.

Central Area Electrical Mechanical Joint Stock Company (CEMC) representatives visiting Doosan to learn about quality management.

Human resources cooperation

One of Doosan Vina’s ultimate goals is to help the industrialisation of the nation and the modernisation of the domestic mechanical sector. This is why Doosan Vina always applies state-of-the-art human resources training and management systems. This also boosts the quality of products as well as competitiveness of local mechanical and engineering enterprises, meeting diverse demands of clients. Thus, enterprises can grow over time by working with Doosan Vina.

To pursue this goal, Doosan Vina devised a strategy that begins with the training of mechanical engineering students at schools and universities across Vietnam. The company has been working with universities, colleges, and technical schools across the country for years to see that the curricula are up-to-date and teaching realistic practices for the best results. Furthermore, the company has launched field training for other enterprises to help them improve product quality, production efficiency, and safety.

“Our business strategy begins with the cultivation of people, initially focusing on our employees before spreading out to the community. We are now reaching out to engineering and mechanical companies across Vietnam to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us in developing skills and systems which we know will produce positive results,” said Jung Yeon In, general director of Doosan Vina.

The initial group of companies to partake of Doosan Vina’s expertise sharing in operating systems for quality management includes Mechanical and Construction Company Chien Thang, Dacotech Company, and Central Area Electrical Mechanical Joint Stock Company (CEMC). They are also currently working as subcontractors to Doosan Vina.

Sharing experience and benefits

A representative of CEMC told VIR that thanks to Doosan Vina’s help and support, activities related to ISO, quality assurance, and equipment testing, among others, have been carried out with higher efficiency recently.

Doosan Vina highly commended the manufacturing system as well as CEMC Management Board’s vision in considering product quality the top priority in their operations. In its recommendation, Doosan Vina stressed that CEMC should boost the supervision of quality so that products can meet the increasingly high standards of importing countries.

On CEMC’s part, the company agreed to strictly manage the quality of end-products to offer the best to its clients, boosting the credit of the Vietnamese mechanical industry as well as its own.

The most recent programme was carried out in October 2016 when CEMC employees visited Doosan and learned about the system of quality management, including product quality, shot blasting, galvanising, painting, welding, and more. Doosan Vina is also in discussions with other companies like Lilama 7 to find opportunities for sharing expertise and cooperation on future projects.

For Chien Thang, a Doosan Vina subcontractor which fabricates platforms for crane projects, Doosan Vina assigned a Quality Assurance Department representative to work with the company to establish and apply Doosan Vina’s fabrication procedures, quality assurance, and the quality control processes with the objective of “Zero Errors.” This year-long programme will last until the end of 2017, helping to control the product quality at the site and train Chien Thang employees.

Doosan Vina expects to scale up these programmes and hopes that they will have a positive impact on human resources training, contributing to the localization of the domestic mechanical sector and improving the quality of “Made in Vietnam” products.

To achieve this goal, Doosan Vina inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Danang Supporting Centre for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (DATADC). At the MoU signing ceremony, the two parties showed interests in cooperation and strenthening the relationship between Vietnam and South Korea in the future, especially in the areas of trade and manufacturing.

DATADC has organised several programmes and applied incentives for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Central Vietnam (including 12 cities and provinces from Quang Tri to Khanh Hoa and four other provices of the Central Highlands), conduted training programmes and capacity building for SMEs, given advice and information about technical and engineering development, fabrication management and other business services to SMEs, as well as introducing high-quality local suppliers to Doosan Vina.

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By By Ha Minh – Phuong Linh

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