Basic salary of public servants to increase from July

May 02, 2017 | 09:21
The basic monthly wage of public servants will grow to VND 1.3 million (US$ 58.3) from the current level of VND 1.21 million (US$ 54.3) since July 1, 2017, according to Decree 47/2017/ND-CP (Decree 47) providing for the basic wage level for cadres, civil servants, public employees and armed forces.
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Decree 47 regulates the basic wage level applied to cadres, civil servants, public employees, persons enjoying wage, allowance and employees working in agencies, organizations, non-business units of the Party, State, socio-political organizations and associations with specific characteristics at Central level, in central-affiliated cities and provinces, in districts, towns, cities under province (district level), in communes, wards and townships (communal level) and in armed forces.

Persons enjoying wage, allowance specified in the Decree include:

1. Cadres, civil servants from Central level to district level specified in clause 1 and clause 2, Article 4 of the 2008 Law on cadres, civil servants;

2. Cadres, civil servants at communal level specified in clause 3, Article 4 of the 2008 Law on cadres, civil servants;

3. Public employees in public non-business units as prescribed in the 2010 Law on public employees;

4. Persons working under the labor contractual regime in accordance with the Government’s Decree 204/2004/ND-CP dated December 14, 2004 on cadres, civil servants, and people in armed forces including:

- Persons working under the labor contractual regime as prescribed in the Government’s Decree No. 68/2000/ND-CP dated November 17, 2000, on the application of the contractual regime to a number of jobs in the state administrative agencies and public-service units;

- Persons working under the labor contractual regime in public non-business units according to decision of the PM.

5. Persons working within payroll criterion being allocated from the State budget in associations with specific characteristics specified in the Government’s Decree No. 45/2010/ND-CP dated April 21, 2010, providing the organization, operation and state management of associations;

6. Officers, professional military persons, non-commissioned officers, obligation soldiers and workers, public employees of Defense, contractual employees in the Viet Nam People’s Army;

7. Officers, non-commissioned officers enjoying wage, non-commissioned officers, soldiers in a term service; workers, public security personnel and contracted employees under the People's Public Security;

8. Persons working in cipher organizations;

9. Persons operating on a part-time basis at communal level, in hamlet and in residential group.

The basic wage level shall be used as grounds: to calculate wage levels in wage scales, the allowance levels and to perform other regimes as prescribed by law for subjects specified in Article 2 of this Decree; to calculate the operational charges as prescribed by law; and to calculate the deductions and the regimes enjoyed under the basic wage level.

The basic wage level may be adjusted on the basis of ability of the State budget, indexes of consumption prices and economic growth rate of country.

The Decree shall take effect since July 1, 2017.


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