measures put recovery on the front foot

Measures put recovery on the front foot

Despite the global economic recovery dented by geopolitical uncertainties, Vietnam is showing its ability to bounce back strongly this year. However, risks remain and hamper the country’s economic growth trajectory.
favourable climate heads reform agenda

Favourable climate heads reform agenda

With the gradual rebound of the business community in the first four months of this year, continued support for enterprises is necessitated to help them stay afloat and weather the storm caused by the health crisis.
inflationary pressures stalking national economy

Inflationary pressures stalking national economy

Vietnam is being warned of an inflation increase this year due to great pressure on rising prices of commodities used for domestic production, affecting consumption recovery and growth.
upward trend providing new optimism

Upward trend providing new optimism

Undergoing 47 years of change since national reunification, Vietnam has witnessed big strides with the major contributions from foreign investment, while the government vows to continue creating the best conditions for investors to perform in the country.
growing demand leading to big profits

Growing demand leading to big profits

Vietnam’s export-import landscape is regaining momentum with a trade surplus of over $800 million thanks to a rebound in local production and growing demand from many overseas markets.
vietnams malaysian ties hit higher gear

Vietnam’s Malaysian ties hit higher gear

The mutual recognition of vaccination certificates between Vietnam and Malaysia, in addition to both nations’ joint facilitation of bilateral trade and investment activities, will help them expand ties further in these sectors.
enterprises embracing admin ease up

Enterprises embracing admin ease-up

With a view to accelerating administrative procedure reforms towards a more modern market economy, further obliterating business regulations to help enterprises flourish will function as a new propellant for Vietnam to enhance its competitiveness.
upm raflatac expands operations in the north

UPM Raflatac expands operations in the north

UPM Raflatac – a global supplier of labelling materials with a revenue of $1.9 billion in 2020– has opened a logistics centre in Hanoi.
vietnam sets sights on regional lead

Vietnam sets sights on regional lead

With the pandemic gradually reined in across Southeast Asia, enabling regional nations to recover economically, Vietnam is projected to take the lead in economic growth in the region this year by dint of big coverage of vaccination and growing business confidence.
businesses begin to open eyes to wide benefits of rcep

Businesses begin to open eyes to wide benefits of RCEP

Alhough the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership has only been valid for more than two months, it is already promising to provide Vietnam with major benefits, helping the country emerge as a more trusting investment arena and a larger exporter.
green trade the priority for growth

Green trade the priority for growth

Vietnam is under great pressure to green its trade sector as consumers pay more attention to environmentally-friendly products, while the country is also enjoying opportunities to boost the export of related goods in order to benefit.
barriers build up to russian exports

Barriers build up to Russian exports

The Vietnamese economy as a whole is expected to face some immediate consequences from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with disruptions occuring now in the export of some electronics and agricultural products to the largest country in the world by area.
tools now available for new economic rise

Tools now available for new economic rise

With Vietnam accelerating its vaccine rollout plan, reopening international air routes, and the positive impacts from the hallmark programme on recovery, the economy is gaining strong momentum backed by a continued rise in foreign investment.
efforts being made in smart agriculture

Efforts being made in smart agriculture

For Vietnam’s agricultural sector to expand export markets with high-quality products, the country is being urged to enact specific policies to apply high technologies with great value globally.
strategy alignment key for cop goals

Strategy alignment key for COP goals

With its efforts to combat climate change, Vietnam has made new promises in this area, while keeping its economy continuing to grow. Caitlin Wiesen, resident representative in Vietnam of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), talked with VIR’s Thanh Thu about how the economy is performing and the way it can move forward with implementation of its strong commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.