vietnam lures over 15 billion of foreign capital in first half

Vietnam lures over $15 billion of foreign capital in first half

Foreign investment capital registered in Vietnam decreased while disbursed capital increased significantly over the same period last year.
boosting foreign direct investment attraction efficiency

Boosting foreign direct investment attraction efficiency

A national wish-list on foreign direct investment attraction for 2021-2025 is in the making, with limitations in implementing similar lists in the past raising thorny questions on what must be done to charm foreign investors. Nguyen Duc reports.
tweaking vietnams stock attraction

Tweaking Vietnam’s stock attraction

Potential new initiatives of short selling and intraday trading are expected to be a bonanza for Vietnam’s stock market to attract a large sum of foreign funds amid furious falls in share prices spurred by the ongoing pandemic.
whether apple to build nest in vietnam

Whether Apple to build nest in Vietnam?

Foxconn’s rush expansion in Vietnam raise nosy that whether Apple will choose the country as the place to build nest.
foreign investors dive into lng projects in vietnam

Foreign investors dive into LNG projects in Vietnam

The race in developing liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants has been heating up as new heavyweight players enter the segment.
vietnam sees increase in overseas investment in first seven months

Vietnam sees increase in overseas investment in first seven months

In the first seven months of the year Vietnam saw an increase in overseas investment, creating high expectations for the remainder of the year.  
an phat to revive notorious viet hoa kenmark iz

An Phat to revive notorious Viet Hoa-Kenmark IZ

An Phat High-Tech Industrial Park Company Limited’s takeover of the notorious Viet Hoa-Kenmark Industrial Zone (IZ) may revive the project to make An Phat a supplier of Samsung.  
missing investors projects face official termination

Missing investors’ projects face official termination

The investors have disappeared at a string of foreign investment projects, prompting authorities to officially terminate the projects in the forthcoming period.
vietnams fdi attraction which sectors to prioritise

Vietnam’s FDI attraction: which sectors to prioritise?

Vietnam has very good achievements in foreign direct investment attraction, however, it needs to change its strategy and orientation to focus on the necessary sectors to improve efficiency.
btg holdings called back to decide fate of 500 million project in vietnam

BTG Holdings called back to decide fate of $500 million project in Vietnam

Slovakia's BTG Holdings, the registered investor of a $500 million industrial park and related investment projects including a $116-million Budweiser brewery in the northern province of Hoa Binh, which is considered Asia’s biggest brewery, has disappeared since October 2017, leaving the project immobile.
torrential foreign investment flows into vietnam

Torrential foreign investment flows into Vietnam

Over the past 15 months, foreign investment inflows to Vietnam were growing in scale and took on diverse forms to tackle an increasing number of sectors, adding to the market’s “charisma” in the eyes of potential foreign investors.
vietnam to review long delayed projects

Vietnam to review long-delayed projects

The withdrawal of the $3.2-billion Vung Ro refinery and petrochemical complex shows that Vietnam needs to review large-scale projects and withdraw long-delayed projects, especially those of foreign direct investment (FDI).
vietnamese financial sector in crosshairs of foreign capital

Vietnamese financial sector in crosshairs of foreign capital

A rising number of foreign investors reported eyeing the Vietnamese financial sector as it was rated among the country’s highest profit-generators.
runaway investors show need for increased control over fdi firms

Runaway investors show need for increased control over FDI firms

The prime minister has once again requested the Dong Nai People’s Committee to report on the latest movements in the case of the runaway investor at South Korean-invested company KL Texwell Vina in Bau Xeo Industrial Park.  
2018 started with major fdi inflows

2018 started with major FDI inflows

Vietnam continues to be a lucrative target for a raft of foreign investors in the first two months of 2018.