Ensure product protection with warehouse security and safety systems

March 15, 2017 | 10:05
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Warehouses and storage facilities are holding points for large volumes of stock, which can cost millions of dollars. Moreover, the large amounts make them susceptible to theft and other risks such as vandalism, intrusion and related problems, and fire.
Ensure product protection with warehouse security & safety systems

Needless to say, these problems can result in significant financial loss for your business. Because of this, your storage facilities must have physical barriers and deterrents that guard against unauthorised access as well as to have an early fire-detection system to limit damages and losses in the unfortunate case of such an occurrence.

The good news is, security systems can address threats that are posed to warehouses and storage facilities, early on. Some of the possible benefits include: securing entrances to high-security areas; detecting threats quickly and reliably; ensuring suspicious actions and events are recorded automatically; detecting fires early to limit damages and losses and efficiently directing large-scale evacuations when required.

If you’re looking for a partner in warehouse or logistics security and management, Bosch offers a wide range of products and solutions for effective facility management and protection.

Bosch security systems for warehouse management ensure that all areas and activities can be efficiently monitored at all times, allowing emergencies, fires, and threats to be detected instantly; that the building can be evacuated fast, and in a controlled manner, and that all safety, security and communications solutions can be integrated in one facility management system.

Secure Premises

Acts of hostility or vandalism to the facility or the products can have heavy consequences. Bosch systems enable the early detection of suspicious behaviour and help to confirm, and validate alarms.

In combination with intelligent video analysis (IVA), Bosch cameras establish a “virtual perimeter fence” that, if crossed, alerts a security operator. Cameras can then be used to check on the situation at any time of the day or night and, thus, appropriate action can be taken if necessary.

Access Only to Authorised Persons

Access control systems from Bosch guarantee reliable access management both indoors and outdoors. State-of-the-art readers and controllers restrict access to non-public areas to ensure that only authorised individuals get in. Video cameras located in the vicinity also monitor and observe any attempt at unauthorised access.

Detect Theft

Bosch offers a complete range of intrusion alarm panels and detectors for applications of all kinds. State-of-the-art readers and controllers restrict access to critical areas, buildings and facilities. All unauthorised access attempts are monitored and can be watched using nearby surveillance cameras.

If a detector picks up a possible threat, the Bosch video management system comes into play, with high-resolution video surveillance cameras and IVA to verify the alarm and enable subsequent forensic searches for identifying and detaining the intruders.

Early Fire Detection for Fast Evacuation

Bosch systems quickly and accurately locate a fire and immediately trigger evacuation. At the same time, they minimise the occurrence of false alarms.

The public-address system allows the operator to guide the occupants to safety, avoiding danger areas. Surveillance cameras can monitor evacuation proceedings and aid the authorities in coordinating rescue operations.

All these systems incorporate high levels of redundancy and can be integrated centrally using the building integration system, to ensure seamless operation under any contingency.

Manage Routine & Emergency Announcements

High-quality public address and voice evacuation systems are essential for making important announcements and dealing with security and safety challenges, such as in evacuating entire buildings. Bosch public address and emergency sound systems are ideal for everything from routine to emergency announcements — always with maximum reliability and speech intelligibility.

The Bosch Building Integration System (BIS) provides a single web-based control point for monitoring all security, safety and facility management systems. This includes alarm management, fast alarm identification via location maps and follow-up procedures. It seamlessly integrates fire and intrusion alarms, evacuation, access control, video surveillance, and building automation systems into a single platform. The BIS enables a single operator to monitor and control all security systems, and to respond faster to emergencies as well as achieve greater overall effectiveness.

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