fresh policy crafted to ensure stability

Fresh policy crafted to ensure stability

A plan for mobilising and allocating capital to aid fresh monetary and fiscal policy has been unveiled, promising more support for businesses and individuals in the high hope that the economy will grow sufficiently this year and beyond.
rcep era kicks off to boost cross border trade prospects

RCEP era kicks off to boost cross-border trade prospects

With the entry into force of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, Vietnam is seeing wider doors opened for it to woo investment and swell trade with foreign partners.
overcoming hardships by boosting trade and production

Overcoming hardships by boosting trade and production

A rebound in trade and domestic production is expected to continue driving the Vietnamese economy in the new year, after it reaped positive growth in 2021, with an expected top position in ASEAN in economic performance for 2022.
european nations to embrace evipa backed investments

European nations to embrace EVIPA-backed investments

Vietnam is seeking further approval of the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement by member states of the EU, as the deal will protect the benefits of investors of both sides when performing in their respective territories.
furthering competitiveness through infrastructure

Furthering competitiveness through infrastructure

A boost in infrastructure investment as a major part of the country’s hallmark programme on economic recovery and development is expected to help the national economy bounce back, with obstacles to be removed for private investments.
high quality outlook for development plan

High-quality outlook for development plan

As a key part of its Socioeconomic Development Plan for 2022 and Economic Restructuring Plan for the 2021-2025 period, Vietnam is set to foster a digital economy in the hope of achieving higher quality in economic growth.
fresh push ahead for nations ever improving enterprises

Fresh push ahead for nation’s ever-improving enterprises

Despite massive difficulties remaining due to the health crisis causing major disruptions in supply chains, domestic industrial production has continued bouncing back, promising a brighter picture for economic growth.
russia reinforces vietnam connection

Russia reinforces Vietnam connection

Vietnam and Russia are further amplifying their trade and investment cooperation ties, with the Vietnam-Eurasian Economic Union Free Trade Agreement functioning as a big driver.
vietnams showcase as an open trading nation

Vietnam’s showcase as an open trading nation

Vietnam’s 23-year membership in the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) has marked a major milestone in the nation’s over 30 years of doi moi, during which it reaped high prestige in the international community and surged as an attractive investment location.
global groups optimistic over vietnams credentials

Global groups optimistic over Vietnam’s credentials

With its great efforts to improve the domestic business and investment climate and change its mindset in fighting against the pandemic, Vietnam is continuing to fall under the radar of foreign financiers that consider the nation a lucrative investment spot in the long term.
record breaking pace for aseans trade ambitions

Record-breaking pace for ASEAN’s trade ambitions

ASEAN has fast-tracked its strong commitments in driving the entire bloc forward via a series of actions to weather difficulties and woo more investment within the bloc and from outside.
eu vietnam free trade deal beginning to fulfil promise

EU-Vietnam free trade deal beginning to fulfil promise

After over one year of entry into force, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement has enabled Vietnam to attract more investments from the EU and expand trade with this bloc’s member markets.
gigantic lifeline en route for essential businesses

Gigantic lifeline en route for essential businesses

In a bid to help the country recover after the economy grew at a very low level in the third quarter, a huge financial support package is to be offered to enterprises whose performance is a backbone of economic growth.
economic momentum in 2021 takes a knock

Economic momentum in 2021 takes a knock

Prolonged social distancing in many localities have led to lower-than-expected economic growth for the first nine months, but with the accelerated vaccine rollout, the economy is expected to gain growth momentum soon.
vietnam welcoming added us cooperation

Vietnam welcoming added US cooperation

Vietnam and the United States are boosting investment ties in addition to furthering cooperation on COVID-19 vaccines, giving new momentum to their comprehensive partnership in a new landscape.