online real estate databases is booming in vietnam

Online real estate databases is booming in Vietnam

Online real estate databases are booming in Vietnam thanks to growing residential demand.
agriculture groups open up to online training courses

Agriculture groups open up to online training courses

Many farmers and agribusiness firms have come around to utilising training courses via livestreams or agriculture apps to promote the consumption of their products in the face of extended social distancing measures.
foreign real estate brokers jump into vietnamese real estate market

Foreign real estate brokers jump into Vietnamese real estate market

The real estate market in Vietnam has been active with new arrivals from foreign brokers and consultants.
shortage leaves city real estate in a real state

Shortage leaves city real estate in a real state

Demand for trained real estate professionals in Ho Chi Minh City has outstripped supply, according to property developers.
getting real about vietnams real estate

Getting real about Vietnam’s real estate

Last year was seen as one of the most difficult years for Vietnam’s real estate market.

Real estate deal

Vietnam’s real estate transparency is the lowest in the Asia-Pacific region, and has not improved over the last two years, a report on 56 countries by the international property and money management firm Jones Lang LaSalle showed.
real estate nudges up in may

Real estate nudges up in May

Real estate sales in May rose slightly month-on-month, compared with the first quarter this year, according to the Ministry of Construction’s Management Agency for Housing and Real Estate Market.
how predictable can 2023 become for real estate

How predictable can 2023 become for real estate?

Some experts continue to be sceptical about the possibility of the real estate market entering a calm period and freezing liquidity at this moment.
tactics for us to get ahead in real estate

Tactics for US to get ahead in real estate

With new improvements on the way, the picture of US investment in Vietnam’s real estate market is expected to be more promising in the upcoming months. Tran Thai Binh, partner at LNT & Partners, writes about the future prospects ahead.
making better decisions in real estate

Making better decisions in real estate

Foreign investors in Vietnamese real estate usually find the procedures of project planning to be cumbersome and filled with too many risks. However, as investment managers frequently say: high risk, high return. Besides the glory and prosperity of a successful real estate project, we have also witnessed many situations where financiers from abroad have paid the price for their bad decisions.
considering more appropriate taxes for the real estate sector

Considering more appropriate taxes for the real estate sector

The Ministry of Finance has been gathering opinions on housing and property taxes, which is attracting interest, including that from domestic and foreign experts.
interpreting new real estate statutes

Interpreting new real estate statutes

Real estate funding is expected to increase further thanks to new rules on investment. Tran Thai Binh, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, and Tran Huong Giang at LNT & Partners analyse how the new rules can impact the market in the future.
towards improved real estate results

Towards improved real estate results

According to the General Statistics Office, the real estate sector grew by 1.33 per cent in the last quarter of 2020, contributing 4.42 per cent to Vietnam’s GDP. As of December 21, foreign direct investment (FDI) in the real estate market accounted for 10.6 per cent of total newly-registered FDI, growing close to 11 per cent on-year to reach approximately $2.3 billion.
impressive growth seen across real estate

Impressive growth seen across real estate

While the pandemic has affected nearly every business, Vietnam’s real estate sector has seen significant movements throughout the year. Dr. Vu Dinh Anh, economist at the Ministry of Finance’s Price Market Research Institute, presents a detailed analysis of the year’s happenings as well as a brief outlook for 2021.
vietnamese real estate goes global

Vietnamese real estate goes global

On March 27 and 28, the Grand Marina, Saigon officially launched and received a positive reception from its Hong Kong investors at its exclusive project introduction organised by the Asia Bankers Club at the JW Marriott Hong Kong Hotel.