swancity announces collaboration with mitsubishi estate in vietnam

SwanCity announces collaboration with Mitsubishi Estate in Vietnam

SwanCity Vietnam and Mitsubishi Estate announced their partnership in a project led by SwanCity in SwanBay, combining the first's market-leading development platform and brand with the latter’s global expertise in real estate investment and development.
getting ready for welcoming foreign visitors to vietnam

Getting ready for welcoming foreign visitors to Vietnam

Although Vietnam’s foreign tourism market remains in a deep sleep, many localities and tourism businesses are preparing for a second tourism stimulus programme with attractive new products, also tailored for international tourists.
international routes reopening for selected groups

International routes reopening for selected groups

From September 15, Vietnam is reopening international commercial routes from Vietnam to China, Japan, and South Korea, with flights to Taiwan, Cambodia, and Laos being restarted from September 22.
labour exporters pushed to the edge by pandemic

Labour exporters pushed to the edge by pandemic

Nearly eight months after the COVID-19 pandemic first broke out in the community, many labour export enterprises, vocational training centres, and foreign language training centres for Vietnamese workers are still suspended because of a lack of orders.
labour export slowed down amid pandemic

Labour export slowed down amid pandemic

The goal of sending 130,000 Vietnamese workers abroad to work in 2020 looks to be out of reach with most of Vietnam’s main labour export markets restricting the introduction of foreign workers, causing departure schedules of many workers to be suspended indefinitely.
all activities in hoang sa truong sa without vietnams permission void spokeswoman

All activities in Hoang Sa, Truong Sa without Vietnam"s permission void: Spokeswoman

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang highlighted Vietnam’s viewpoint that all activities in its Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos without permission of the country are void and not conducive to peace, security and stability in the East Sea, and that Vietnam resolutely protests those.
vietnam working with foreign authorities to restore air links

Vietnam working with foreign authorities to restore air links

Under the direction of the Prime Minister, ministries and agencies are actively working with foreign counterparts on the restoration of air transport links between Vietnam and a number of countries and territories, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang has said.
vietnam welcomes east sea stance in line with law foreign ministry spokesperson

Vietnam welcomes East Sea stance in line with law: Foreign Ministry spokesperson

Vietnam welcomes other countries’ stance on the East Sea issue in line with international law, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang said on July 15.
vietnam respects freedom of religion and belief fm spokesperson

Vietnam respects freedom of religion and belief: FM spokesperson

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang reiterated on June 11 Vietnam’s consistent policy of respecting and guaranteeing the right of citizens to follow or not follow any religion or belief.
the return of silk masks

The return of silk masks

Together with her 8-year-old daughter, Nguyen My Tra, a journalist from the National radio bradcaster Voice of Vietnam (VOV), created unique silk masks made from traditional Vietnamese silk.
vietnam strongly protests establishment of so called sansha city

Vietnam strongly protests establishment of so-called Sansha city

Vietnam strongly protests the establishment of the so-called “Sansha city” and related acts as they seriously violated Vietnam’s sovereignty, the spokesperson of Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry Le Thi Thu Hang said on April 19.
vietnam tourism ambassadors

Vietnam tourism ambassadors

Voluntarily registered as free or paid quarantine facilities for the last overseas guests in Vietnam, top hotels and homestays have become the nation’s ambassadors with a hospitable and enthusiastic message from the tourism industry, and the country as a whole, to international friends.
new gobear code unit to liven up vietnams tech startup scene

New GoBear Code Unit to liven up Vietnam’s tech-startup scene

GoBear, Asia's first and only metasearch engine of insurance and banking products, has recently announced opening GoBear Code Unit, its regional in-house software development team in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This new unit is responsible for building GoBear’s next generation application code and branching out into new technologies to serve the company’s growth targets.
evolving office space traditional versus alternative

Evolving office space: Traditional versus alternative

Never before have office alternatives, particularly co-working space, been mentioned as many times as in 2017. Meanwhile, traditional offices also witnessed impressive performance in the Grade A segment. Where is the competition heading?
gobear launches new fixed deposit comparison feature

GoBear launches new fixed deposit comparison feature

GoBear, Asia’s first and only meta-search engine in insurance and financial products, has launched a new product comparison category on its website. Accordingly, fixed deposits comparison is now available on all GoBear platforms in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.