cultivating key economic solutions

Cultivating key economic solutions

On January 4, 2012, Vietnam’s government released Resolution 01/NQ-CP, on seven key solutions for 2012.
sony buys videogame maker sucker punch

Sony buys videogame maker Sucker Punch

Sony Computer Entertainment announced Tuesday that it has bought the studio behind hit videogames "inFamous" and "Sly Cooper."
pub landlords take fleeting punch for the greater good

Pub landlords take fleeting punch for the greater good

The new, heavier-handed sanctions for drink driving, which are undoubtedly beneficial to the larger populace, leave some joyless.
britain can punch above its weight even after brexit foreign secretary

Britain can punch above its weight even after Brexit: Foreign Secretary

SINGAPORE: Britain can still punch above its weight globally even after it exits the European Union (EU), Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Wednesday (Jan 2) ahead of a crucial parliamentary vote at home.
young boxer packs a solid farming punch

Young boxer packs a solid farming punch

Watching 31-year-old Ngô Sỹ Đạt work hard on his farm in Bắc Giang Province, it is hard to imagine that he was a member of the national boxing team not too long ago.
world cup brazil team official suspended after punch claim

World Cup: Brazil team official suspended after 'punch' claim

Brazil's press chief Rodrigo Paiva has been suspended for one game following allegations he punched Chilean player Mauricio Pinilla during the World Cup last 16 game between the two countries, FIFA said on Monday.
apple celebrates life of steve jobs

Apple celebrates life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was honored online and off Wednesday as tributes poured into a memorial website set up by Apple for its late co-founder and shops closed temporarily as workers celebrated his life.
tour buses idle as thai economy takes gut punch from virus

Tour buses idle as Thai economy takes gut punch from virus

Ranks of tourist buses idle under a burning sun while once-bustling theme parks lie empty - from above, striking images reveal the hollowing out of Thai tourism due to the effect of the new coronavirus.
steve jobs comic book to hit in august

Steve Jobs comic book to hit in August

The life of Apple visionary Steve Jobs will be told in a comic book to be released in August by the studio that did the same with the story of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.
apples steve jobs taking new medical leave

Apple's Steve Jobs taking new medical leave

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs announced Monday he is taking a new leave of absence from the technology company "so I can focus on my health."
steve jobs surrenders reins as apple thrives

Steve Jobs surrenders reins as Apple thrives

Legendary Apple Inc. chief Steve Jobs stepped aside on a high note as the company he saved from ruin raked in a blockbuster $6-billion profit amid unrelenting demand for iPhones and iPads.
christian bale to play apples steve jobs

Christian Bale to play Apple's Steve Jobs

The Apple inventor's storied life already has been rendered on the big screen in last year's drama Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher, which received lukewarm reviews.
angelina jolie steve martin among oscar honorees

Angelina Jolie, Steve Martin among Oscar honorees

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is to give a prestigious humanitarian award to Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie for her "impassioned" campaigning work, the Oscar-bestowing body announced on Thursday.
smartphone war pauses as world mourns steve jobs

Smartphone war pauses as world mourns Steve Jobs

The launch of a hot new Google smartphone was delayed on Friday as the world mourned the loss of legendary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and sales began of the latest iPhone.
christian bale pulls out of steve jobs biopic report

Christian Bale pulls out of Steve Jobs biopic: Report

Oscar-winning star Christian Bale had conflicting feelings about the role as late Apple founder Steve Jobs, and concluded that he simply was not right for it, sources told the Hollywood Reporter.