trading possibilities expand with malaysia

Trading possibilities expand with Malaysia

Vietnam and Malaysia are working to amplify their trade, backed by the latter’s investment increase into the former.
positive growth scenarios within reach

Positive growth scenarios within reach

Despite massive lingering challenges, domestic industrial production has been gradually escaping from a slowdown, with economic growth bouncing back over the past six months by dint of the government’s efforts to help businesses.
future deals to bode well for china ties

Future deals to bode well for China ties

Vietnam and China have agreed on fresh measures to beef up their trade and investment last week, with several new projects tabled.
more to do to ensure performance

More to do to ensure performance

Vietnam’s economic growth is forecast to bounce back gradually, but enterprise performance remains weak.
russia looks to build on combined efforts

Russia looks to build on combined efforts

Vietnam and Russia will intensify their bilateral economic, trade, and investment ties, with a focus laid on mutual funding flows, especially in energy, oil and gas, featured by prioritised projects.
equitisation pace thwarts robust growth

Equitisation pace thwarts robust growth

The government has been urged to clear up the status of equitisation and divestment of state-owned enterprises, which has remained slack over recent months.
tough nut to crack for businesses to embrace esg

Tough nut to crack for businesses to embrace ESG

Enterprises in Vietnam are being advised to apply environmental, social, and governance principles as soon as possible, as an effective tool to ensure their competitiveness.
tax and fee support hinges on mpi proposal approval

Tax and fee support hinges on MPI proposal approval

Lingering woes in domestic production have sparked a need for new or extended policies to fuel enterprises, regardless of state budget revenue dents.
asean encouraged to embrace global flows

ASEAN encouraged to embrace global flows

Vietnam and other ASEAN member states have been advised to create a more favourable environment with a shared digitalised bloc to woo more funding amid global investment flows changing.
current vat rate may remain for foreseeable future

Current VAT rate may remain for foreseeable future

The government is to ask the National Assembly to continue with its current VAT rate of 8 per cent until the year’s end as part of the country’s efforts to assist enterprises currently facing operating obstacles.
softening demand to limit 2024 trade

Softening demand to limit 2024 trade

A slowdown in Vietnam’s trade is expected to undermine the nation’s current account, which is projected to remain positive this year on account of waning global demand and domestic production difficulties.
downside risks being felt on vietnams growth path

Downside risks being felt on Vietnam’s growth path

Vietnam is forecast to face massive difficulties in domestic production recovery and external demand, which remain feeble, with lower-than-expected economic growth this year.
vietnam uae trade boost imminent

Vietnam-UAE trade boost imminent

Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates are set to benefit from an economic cooperation deal slated for inking this year, with trade and investment forecast to improve.
israeli free trade pact to build on existing ties

Israeli free trade pact to build on existing ties

A bilateral free deal between Vietnam and Israel, slated for ratification early this year, is expected to provide new trade and investment opportunities for the two nations currently seeking to expand their agricultural development cooperation.
investment intensified through german activities

Investment intensified through German activities

Vietnam and Germany have intensified their investment cooperation on the back of the Vietnam-EU free trade deal, with the industrial sector of particular interest.