petrovietnam promoting us partnerships the future of vietnams energy industry

PetroVietnam promoting US partnerships: The future of Vietnam’s energy industry

On November 23, 2021, a round table discussion between PetroVietnam and US investors took place with the topic of potential energy investment in Vietnam.
viet nam bags first gold in sepak takraw

Việt Nam bags first gold in sepak takraw

Trio Nguyễn Thái Linh, Trần Hồng Nhung and Đỗ Thị Nguyên helped Việt Nam beat Myanmar in the Women’s Trio final of the Sepak Takraw event for a gold medal at the 5th Asian Beach Games yesterday.
investors suspect tmg bond issue

Investors suspect TMG bond issue

A bond issue by Vietnam’s Thien Minh Group, known for its acquisition of Victoria Hotels & Resorts two years ago, has come under scrutiny.
bond outline gets thumbs down

Bond outline gets thumbs down

Bond market participants are complaining about the Ministry of Finance’s newly-released guidance for corporate bond issuances.
hoses light begins to dim

HoSE’s light begins to dim

Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE) corrected down Tuesday after six straight rising sessions, but the demand for shares remained quite high.
petrovietnam finances dramatic profit u turn

PetroVietnam Finance’s dramatic profit U-turn

Vietnam’s biggest finance company, PetroVietnam Finance, is shrinking its profit target to one-tenth of its initial goal, reflecting the rippling consequence of bad debt issued in the local economy.
etf options ignite investors

ETF options ignite investors

Banking stocks and blue-chips soared Monday as investors speculated on trading activities of exchange-traded funds.
banking stocks charm investors

Banking stocks charm investors

Banking stocks rallied Friday from a long-lasting lackluster trend, helping the market go up again.
rally runs out of steam

Rally runs out of steam

The rally cooled Thursday, but market liquidity continued added up.
market finds its voice

Market finds its voice

The stock market suddenly recovered at the end of Wednesday’s session from cautious sentiment.
cash injections fuel market

Cash injections fuel market

Speculative cash flows helped both bourses rally Monday after two falling sessions.
week ends on cautious note

Week ends on cautious note

Cautious sentiments among investors pushed both Vietnamese bourses downward Friday with liquidity decreasing as well.
bourse takes a step back

Bourse takes a step back

The market fell back Thursday after two recovering sessions, although liquidity stayed high.
markets vital signs of life

Market’s vital signs of life

The market recovery expanded Wednesday, particularly with liquidity soaring.
foreigners muscle up trading

Foreigners muscle up trading

Both stock price and liquidity considerably improved Tuesday, a large part thanks to support from foreigners.