song khoai industrial park a sustainable investment destination

Song Khoai Industrial Park: A sustainable investment destination

After five years of operation, Song Khoai Industrial Park (IP) has performed strongly in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction in Quang Ninh province, a locality along Vietnam’s northeastern coast.
the significance of vietnam for us businesses and why they should take notice

The significance of Vietnam for US businesses and why they should take notice

Vietnam has gone from being a frontier economy in ASEAN to a flourishing, cost-effective, and industrial nation. Firms and investors that are looking for new markets to grow, source, or manufacture their products – especially in Asia – should consider Vietnam’s long-term potential and stay updated on its opportunities.
vietnams retail market proves attractive for foreign investors

Vietnam"s retail market proves attractive for foreign investors

Vietnam is becoming an attractive retail market for companies all over the world with many regional and global FDI investors recently announcing plans to increase capital and expand distribution networks here.
dong nais fdi attraction booming nearly triple in q1

Dong Nai’s FDI attraction booming, nearly triple in Q1

Foreign direct investment in the southern province of Dong Nai surpassed 500 million USD in the first quarter this year, nearly tripling that in the same period last year, according to the management board of the provincial industrial parks.
downward trend in fdi persists

Downward trend in FDI persists

According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment's Foreign Investment Agency (FIA), foreign direct investment (FDI) stood at $5.45 billion in the first quarter of 2023, equivalent to just 61 per cent on-year. The reason is said to be the lack of billion-dollar projects, with the $1.32 billion Lego investment making up 41 per cent of FDI in the first quarter last year.
gains feasible through large scale fdi

Gains feasible through large-scale FDI

Vietnam’s foreign capital perspective is being pressured by incentives from other nations to encourage their own investors to return home.
foreign invested enterprises bemoan housing legal overlaps

Foreign-invested enterprises bemoan housing legal overlaps

Adjustment of regulations relating to building housing in trade union institutions in industrial parks could diversify housing supply sources for factory employees, which is a problem inherent to investors.
da nang revives fdi inflow

Da Nang revives FDI inflow

The central beach city of Da Nang is taking measures to revive the foreign direct investment (FDI) flow with a view to attracting 7 billion USD in this capital by 2030.
manufacturing in vietnam assumptions vs reality

Manufacturing in Vietnam - assumptions vs. reality

Vietnam has emerged as one of Southeast Asia’s great success stories. A stable political system, commitment to sustainable growth, strong foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, a youthful and digital population, and a strong manufacturing sector all back the country in its success.
vietnam faces more challenges to attract fdi

Vietnam faces more challenges to attract FDI

Vietnam is facing more challenges to attract more foreign direct investment (FDI) as traditional sources of overseas capital are looking for opportunities closer to home.
vietnam a star in global supply chain

Vietnam a 'star in global supply chain'

Vietnam is a star in the global supply chain in terms of garments and textiles, footwear and electricity, according to a new report.
industrial clusters suffering from legal inconsistencies

Industrial clusters suffering from legal inconsistencies

The industrial cluster plays a significant role in Vietnamese industrial development and economic restructuring. Thus, attracting quality foreign-invested and leading companies is not only the preparation of clean land, good human resources, and appropriate and global competitive incentives, but also the need for good thinking and policies to develop some complexes.
patience a virtue for rally of foreign direct investment

Patience a virtue for rally of foreign direct investment

While foreign investment inflow into Vietnam is continuing at a leisurely pace this year, some commitments on large investments ahead could be a glimmer of hope to restrain the decline.
diplomatic advances to bolster fdi

Diplomatic advances to bolster FDI

In a bid to boost economic cooperation, including expansion of exports and attraction of more investment, the government will continue amplifying diplomatic activities, with a hallmark first-ever 5-year action programme serving as one of the pivotal pillars in socioeconomic development.
southern province welcomes new generation fdi

Southern province welcomes new-generation FDI

The southern province of Dong Nai has seen positive changes in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first two months of this year as its newly-licensed projects use advanced technology, are less labour intensive and more environmentally friendly.