wada searching for more clicks

Wada searching for more clicks

New search engine like Wada is having trouble getting a firm foothold in the domestic market.
ncs gets tongues wagging

NCS gets tongues wagging

Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park’s NCS software research and development centre project has got insiders talking.
telcos face stern ultimatum

Telcos face stern ultimatum

Dong Duong Telecom and VTC face having their mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) licences taken back, without suitable explanations to authority ministry.
vnpt dials in divestiture plan

VNPT dials in divestiture plan

It is proven tough for leading telco group VNPT to materialise capital divestiture plan.
s fone in a fragile position

S-Fone in a fragile position

Ailing mobile network S-Fone is pushed into corner. Employees are taking action into their own hands as the firm struggles to pay them.
vnpt dials in a new future

VNPT dials in a new future

VNPT has cleared obstacles to restructure itself.
nokia reshuffling the pack for a winning card

Nokia reshuffling the pack for a winning card

The jury is out on whether a recalibrated product distribution strategy will boost Nokia’s business efficiency in Vietnam.
digital signatures need bigger write up

Digital signatures need bigger write up

State agencies are climbing into the digital signature service age.
fpt takes a long term view

FPT takes a long-term view

Teleco giant FPT is betting on telecom services expansion to hike its business efficiency.
scic dials in telco changes

SCIC dials in telco changes

The State Capital Investment Corporation is weighing up exits from the telecoms sector.
telcos are in the money

Telcos are in the money

Telcos will soon get their 3G network deployment deposit returned if they meet obligations and procedure requirements.
virtual operators still a mystery

Virtual operators still a mystery

Local mobile virtual network operators are struggling to come into reality.
s fone talks itself up

S-Fone talks itself up

S-Fone hopes technology changes will help bring performance breakthroughs.
evn telecom dials in changes

EVN Telecom dials in changes

Cash-strapped telco EVN Telecom was officially merged into leading military-run telecom group Viettel from January 1, 2012.
vnpt promises not to make waves

VNPT promises not to make waves

Leading telco group VNPT promises to be discreet in its restructuring plan.