fdi reality stunting souths regional improvement

FDI reality stunting south’s regional improvement

Lacking completed and synchronised transport infrastructure, as well as shortcomings in both education and healthcare, is the main reason for lowered attractiveness in Vietnam’s Southern Key Economic Region for financiers.
wide impacts to be made with new law changes

Wide impacts to be made with new law changes

Effective in 2021, the amended laws on Enterprises, Investment, and Public-Private Partnership are expected to entail breakthrough changes to Vietnam’s business and investment landscape in the coming time, notably amid the entry into force  of the landmark EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement. Tran Hao Hung, director of the Legal Department under the Ministry of Planning and Investment shines light on the fresh changes in the laws and their impacts on the country’s investment picture.
timber companies in vietnam seizing the opportunity

Timber companies in Vietnam: seizing the opportunity

The US-China trade war may bring about a shift in investment flows from Chinese timber firms to Vietnam. Consequently, it is crucial that the Vietnamese wood industry make use of this opportunity to benefit.
minimum wage increase ineffective in raising living standards

Minimum wage increase ineffective in raising living standards

Increasing the regional minimum wage has raised concerns over a potential trade-off with social allowances that would block the new wages from increasing employees' real income.