startup ecosystem requires helping hand

Startup ecosystem requires helping hand

Big passion for establishing businesses with novel ideas from many Vietnamese people is creating a vivid startup ecosystem for the country. However, the community is longing for more favourable conditions for it to grow further.
cash flows into overseas vietnamese homeland continue to support its rise

Cash flows into overseas Vietnamese homeland continue to support its rise

Over the past years, Vietnamese overseas have helped improve livelihoods back home with increasingly large remittances, with inflows into the nation expected to continue increasing this year.
disbursement kick to offer safety net for businesses

Disbursement kick to offer safety net for businesses

Implementation of the national fiscal and monetary initiative has seen a quicker step forward, making it more favourable for enterprises and people to relieve their difficulties.
evidence adds up for quality advantages within evfta

Evidence adds up for quality advantages within EVFTA

Just two years in entry into force, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) has brought large benefits to both the Southeast Asian market and the bloc of nearly 450 million people.
making the most of japans support

Making the most of Japan’s support

The Vietnamese government is boosting public investment disbursement. Shimizu Akira, chief representative at the Vietnam Office of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, talked with VIR’s Thanh Thu about how effectively Vietnam is doing this job and how important Japan’s assistance is.
blue is the colour for aseans objectives

Blue is the colour for ASEAN’s objectives

Vietnam and other ASEAN member stated have vowed to jointly foster the blue economy to increase their economic, trade, and investment cooperation.
transition period sets path for uk export prospects

Transition period sets path for UK export prospects

Exporters of industrial items in Vietnam will have to abide by a new marking regulation from Great Britain when they want to export their goods there.
indonesia recognising expansion potential

Indonesia recognising expansion potential

Vietnam and Indonesia are working together to increase their business ties amid their pursuit of a strategy for accelerating economic recovery, with both sides expected to venture into new opportunities.
long term action plans to service a circular economy

Long-term action plans to service a circular economy

Vietnam’s pursuit of a circular economy is offering numerous opportunities for businesses. However, in order for this new model to flourish, the government needs to create momentum.
trade within asean adding fresh layers

Trade within ASEAN adding fresh layers

With all ASEAN member states pledging to further facilitate trade and investment links via the upgrade and implementation of trade deals, Vietnam is taking advantage to amplify ties with regional nations.
immediate hike risks tackled as inflation squeezes workers

Immediate hike risks tackled as inflation squeezes workers

A continued hike in the prices of fuel and input materials for production are expected to drive enterprises and labourers into more difficulties, and affect Vietnam’s efforts to rein in inflation this year.
tax cuts on agenda to assist recovery

Tax cuts on agenda to assist recovery

New fiscal solutions are set to be applied to reduce risks of high inflation this year which are looming due to massive pressure in growing prices of a series of indispensable items and services, affecting consumption recovery and economic growth.
potential tremendous in renewable energy stocks

Potential “tremendous” in renewable energy stocks

Renewable energy stocks are among the best defensive stocks offering a good dividend yield in the market this year.
budget bumps remain amid rise in revenues

Budget bumps remain amid rise in revenues

Vietnam has witnessed a lower-than-expected budget deficit last year thanks to a big rise in assorted revenues regardless of a climb in expenditure, with public debt remaining at a safe level and pro-business policies benefiting individuals and enterprises.
measures put recovery on the front foot

Measures put recovery on the front foot

Despite the global economic recovery dented by geopolitical uncertainties, Vietnam is showing its ability to bounce back strongly this year. However, risks remain and hamper the country’s economic growth trajectory.