drastic stay at work scheme kicks off

Drastic stay-at-work scheme kicks off

With Ho Chi Minh City under stress due to rising infection rates and preventative restrictions, manufacturers have implemented stay-at-work orders and set up temporary accommodation for their workers to avoid the spread of the virus and maintain production.
companies continue opting for rooftop solar solutions

Companies continue opting for rooftop solar solutions

After a boom period thanks to feed-in tariff incentives in Vietnam over recent years, investors and developers are keeping their faith in the country’s solar rooftop potential thanks to high demand.
traders to be on alert for commodity complacency

Traders to be on alert for commodity complacency

Commodities are set to overwhelm as the world battles to get back on its feet after struggling through a pandemic. Market analyst Michael Stark from Exness told VIR’s Phuong Thu how the ongoing crisis is affecting the commodity market and explains the outlook and factors influencing the future of investment.
meagre profits for some lead to longer term hopes

Meagre profits for some lead to longer-term hopes

Vietnam witnessed a growth of import-export activities in the first four months of 2021, hitting a 10-year record high despite the pandemic, but profits have been eaten away by high logistics and raw material costs.
working with a smile at sabeco

Working with a smile at SABECO

As part of its strategy to become the leading beverage industry group in Vietnam, SABECO has not only implemented its SABECO 4.0 programme, which will transform its business to increase efficiency, it is also continuing to focus on developing human resources to make them domestically and globally competitive. Tran Kim Nga, a member of SABECO’s Board of Directors, talked with VIR’s Nguyen Huong about the corporation’s approach to human resources.
lng driving fdi picture so far in 2021

LNG driving FDI picture so far in 2021

Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the most promising liquefied natural gas import markets in Asia, with major foreign players pouring billions of US dollars into the country this year.
new phase on horizon for solar power development

New phase on horizon for solar power development

Vietnam, a rising star in Asia in solar power development, is to slash feed-in tariffs for rooftop solar installations this month, hoping to release some of the pressure on the national power grid that was exacerbated by the previous generous tariff that lasted until the end of December, as well as to prevent fraud for solar farming.
eco friendly mindset critical for climate fight

Eco-friendly mindset critical for climate fight

Looking back on the past five years of development in Vietnam, the natural resources and environment authorities have made great strides and taken an active approach in tackling environmental issues up and down the country. Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha talks with VIR’s Phuong Thu about how the vital sector has weathered the varying and unpredictable storms with both practical steps and legal guidance so as to develop sustainably.
abb supporting regions biggest floating solar complex

ABB supporting region’s biggest floating solar complex

ABB has supplied secondary skid units to Gia Hoet Tam Bo floating solar complex, the largest floating solar complex in the region, that has helped it reach commercial operation while also supporting the region’s development in renewable energy.
hai duong locals up in arms over new jaks power plant

Hai Duong locals up in arms over new JAKS power plant

Amid accusations from local people of dust invasions, environmental pollution, and signs of natural resource exploitation, the Hai Duong coal-fired thermal plant from Malaysian group JAKS could face penalties if the result of an environmental monitoring investigation falls on the side of at-risk locals.
grabbing investment gains from rcep agreement

Grabbing investment gains from RCEP agreement

The countries in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership are set to benefit from a wide-ranging deal that will entice investors towards the region. Luong Hoang Thai, director general of the Multilateral Trade Policy Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, explained to Phuong Thu how the new deal would help global businesses entering the integrated ASEAN market.
development at stake with fit alteration

Development at stake with FiT alteration

The proposed dramatic reduction to the feed-in tariff risks seriously damaging the growth of Vietnam’s promising wind power sector, slowing down investment and the creation of new jobs and making it harder for the nation to meet growing energy demand, according to the Global Wind Energy Council.
vietnam honours clean up the world campaign

Vietnam honours Clean Up the World campaign

Ensuring the effective use and management of plastic waste has grown into a top global concern, and  is also high on the agenda of the annual global Clean Up the World campaign. Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Vo Tuan Nhan talked with VIR’s Phuong Thu about the practical actions Vietnam has implemented to realise the targets of the campaign.
rise with vietnam relay empowers country to overcome challenges

“Rise with Vietnam” relay empowers country to overcome challenges

Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corporation, better known as Sabeco, has launched the “Rise with Vietnam” relay event, which aims to raise funds in support of Vietnamese workers adversely affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
anti dumping lawsuits looming over exporters

Anti-dumping lawsuits looming over exporters

Trade protectionism is on the rise around the world, as governments attempt to limit the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic. Chu Thanh Trung, deputy director of the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, told VIR’s Phuong Thu the potential risks for Vietnamese products and how actively local businesses should acknowledge the new context.