nations net zero aim given strategic boost

Nation’s net-zero aim given strategic boost

Vietnam’s fresh national climate change strategy, which highlights a crucial energy transition, will help the country reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fulfil its international commitment.
cptpp gains allure new states

CPTPP gains allure new states

Three years into implementation of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, a range of other diverse economies are seeking to fast-track their accession into the bloc – which in turn could help Vietnam integrate deeper into cross-border activities.
blue economy model gathering pace

Blue economy model gathering pace

Vietnam is in need of a long-term roadmap for developing its potential marine economy in pursuit of its sustainable development strategy by 2030 and in response to climate change – and a fresh scenario for this effort is expected to be a sound answer.
wide ranging efforts boost exports

Wide-ranging efforts boost exports

Vietnam’s export-import landscape is regaining big momentum on the back of a rebound in domestic production and the growing demand from many foreign markets, with a brighter trade outlook for the economy for the entire year.
wholesale reform on climate agenda

Wholesale reform on climate agenda

Following its strong international commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, Vietnam is about to promulgate a hallmark new strategy on climate change response, meaning great pressure to develop many industrial sectors.
koreans adding to trade confidence

Koreans adding to trade confidence

Vietnam is expected to welcome new funding worth billions of US dollars from expansive trade with South Korea, thanks to the latter joining a major multi-nation agreement and establishing a new cooperation framework with the latter.
singaporeans add to moves in vietnam

Singaporeans add to moves in Vietnam

Vietnam and Singapore are further deepening their strategic partnership, with renewed focus placed on growing trade and investment cooperation.
triumphs stack up after unsc success

Triumphs stack up after UNSC success

Vietnam has accomplished its role as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council in 2020-2021, reflecting the country’s increased prestige which has helped expand trade and attract more investment.
potential drivers set for both greener trade and growth

Potential drivers set for both greener trade and growth

Vietnam, whose growth is expected to strongly bounce back this year and beyond, is advised to green its trade sector as it will help improve the economy’s competitiveness and materialise the government’s commitment to minimise greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over future decades.
cash injection to give economy lease of life

Cash injection to give economy lease of life

A gigantic economic recovery and development programme worth nearly $35 billion is expected to drive the economy to a higher level of growth, with focus to be placed on supporting enterprises and individuals as well as increasing investment in infrastructure development.
overspend in the works for reboot of national economy

Overspend in the works for reboot of national economy

Vietnam may not be able to increase its budget deficit next year in order to ensure state budget spending, with the economy still sabotaged and business revenues still dented.
vietnam ready to contribute to globes climate aspirations

Vietnam ready to contribute to globe’s climate aspirations

Vietnam will make a commitment on reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the world’s largest event on climate change, showing itself as a reliable and responsible member of the world’s community.
a positive approach with a deeper understanding

A positive approach with a deeper understanding

My predestined relationship with Vietnam Investment Review began around 27 years ago and started with a rejection. Graduating from the Faculty of International Journalism of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in 1994, I was eager to return home and apply at VIR for my first job.
expansive gms cooperation mooted

Expansive GMS cooperation mooted

Vietnam is playing a crucial role in shaping economic corridors within the Greater Mekong Subregion, which will not only help itself but also other regional nations to woo investment and facilitate trade with the outside world.
production shoring up state coffers

Production shoring up state coffers

Although the state budget revenue was dented in May due to the resurgence of COVID-19 affecting businesses’ performances, the first five months of the year have seen a big surplus in the state coffers, showing a gradual recovery of domestic production and business activities.