will there be senior personnel changes at ricons and coteccons at upcoming agms

Will there be senior personnel changes at Ricons and Coteccons at upcoming AGMs?

There is a great deal of speculation as the annual general shareholders' meetings of renowned construction giants Coteccons and Ricons approaches. As the relationship between the two companies as main contractor and subcontractor is rather sensitive, it is necessary to take a close look at a potential conflict of interest resulting from overlapping management teams.
a strong vietnam by virtue of digital technology

A strong Vietnam by virtue of digital technology

Digital technology will be the key for Vietnam to realise the target of growing into a powerful nation with a thriving economy over the next quarter of a century. At a recent meeting with key members of the local IT community, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung, highlighted businesses’ decisive role in Vietnam’s journey to achieving its ambitious growth goals.
average income in telecommunications through the roof

Average income in telecommunications through the roof

Even as the high average income of the employees of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) surprised the online community, VNPT is not the highest payer by far.
telcos eager for 5g deployment

Telcos eager for 5G deployment

Local telcos are set to being testing 5G services in the first quarter of 2019, whereas associated infrastructure and terminal equipment providers stand ready for 5G commercialisation starting from 2020.
race to produce mid range smartphone

Race to produce mid-range smartphone

New launches by giant corporations and newcomers heat up the mid-range smartphone segment.
delivery battle growing fiercer by the day

Delivery battle growing fiercer by the day

The billion-dollar postal and delivery service industry is turning into a field of intense competition with not only domestic veterans but foreign newcomers as well.
online advertising takes up lions share of business budget

Online advertising takes up lion’s share of business budget

Businesses allocate kingly sums of their advertising budget to social networks like Facebook or YouTube.
two largest markets of viettel global running on planned loss

Two largest markets of Viettel Global running on planned loss

Viettel Global JSC (Viettel Global) makes profit in seven foreign markets, however, its consolidated profit is negative as its two latest projects are considerably large in scale and were planned to operate with losses at the beginning.
viettel officially launches the 10th international mobile network

Viettel officially launches the 10th international mobile network

Viettel Group has officially launched the 10th international mobile network in Myanmar in Mytel brand. Mytel sets, with the fourth network operator in Myanmar, targets to become the largest network operator in both infrastructure and business scope. 
viettel introduces unbelievable 4g service in golden pagoda country

Viettel introduces unbelievable 4G service in golden-pagoda country

Just one year after building telecommunications infrastructure in Myanmar, Viettel Group has brought 4G services even to remote and mountainous areas, where in the past local residents could not access the internet on their smart phones. Kachin, the state which has the country’s tallest mountain, is a good example.  
viettel brings industry 40 to change life in land of golden pagodas

Viettel brings Industry 4.0 to change life in land of golden pagodas

With 70 per cent of its population being farmer, Myanmar needs proper technologies to improve its agricultural production. The opportunity has come through the telecom sector, with a Vietnamese company bringing Industry 4.0 applications and services on a super mobile broadband platform.  
capital city offices near full capacity

Capital city offices near full capacity

Offices in the capital city of Hanoi, especially the top quality ones, are almost fully occupied due to the wave of foreign direct investment and the city’s improved infrastructure.
chinese smart phone manufacturers make headways in vietnam

Chinese smart phone manufacturers make headways in Vietnam

The arrival of China-based mobile manufacturers, including Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Vivo into the mid-end smart phone market in Vietnam has made giants like Sony and Microsoft to withdraw from the market.
halting payments via phone cards an unequal game

Halting payments via phone cards: an unequal game?

Three giant mobile operators (Viettel, MobiFone, and Vinaphone) halted payments via phone cards for domestic digital content and online games, creating inequality as foreign application stores, specifically Google Play Store, still allow people to use phone cards for in-game payments.
gelex ambitions to lead electrical equipment industry

Gelex ambitions to lead electrical equipment industry

The annual general shareholders’ meeting (AGM) of Vietnam Electrical Engineering Equipment JSC (Gelex, HoSE: GEX) on April 27 approved comprehensive restructuring in three segments. The firm designated electrical devices as the main sector helping it to maintain its leading position in the industry.