green growth topping the agenda for investment push

Green growth topping the agenda for investment push

Green growth and investment are in a fierce race that has been going on quietly for many years, but it is now speeding up to enable Vietnam to reach its committed goals.
popular vietnamese tv show format to be exported

Popular Vietnamese TV show format to be exported

The copyright to the format of the reality show about job seeking in Vietnam, 'Whose Chance?' has been distributed by Global Agency, a major international TV content distributor.
hau giang to become an industrial centre

Hau Giang to become an industrial centre

In the provincial planning 2021-2030, Hau Giang aims to be an industrial production and logistics centre.
buon me thuot to become economic hub

Buon Me Thuot to become economic hub

The provincial planning appraisal council conducted a review of the Dak Lak Provincial Plan towards 2030 on April 25, with Buon Ma Thuot City set to become the economic hub of the Central Highlands.
oecd forecasts vietnams gdp growth at 65 per cent

OECD forecasts Vietnam's GDP growth at 6.5 per cent

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) expects Vietnam's economy to grow steadily, with GDP at 6.5 per cent in 2023 and 6.6 per cent in 2024.
herbalife gives send off to athletes bound for sea games

Herbalife gives send-off to athletes bound for SEA Games

Herbalife Vietnam joined with the Vietnam Olympic Committee (VOC) to organise a send-off ceremony for the over 1,000-strong Vietnamese sporting delegation bound for SEA Games 32, to be held in Cambodia from May 5 to May 17.
cp vietnam responds to earth day 2023

C.P. Vietnam responds to Earth Day 2023

The Earth Day campaign from C.P. Vietnam with the mission Everyone can Make the World Cleaner has attracted almost 1,000 employees from various branches.
deforestation free agricultural production and trade

Deforestation-free agricultural production and trade

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Vietnam Forestry Development Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development jointly organised an event on deforestation-free agricultural production and trade that took place in Hanoi on April 25.
digital transformation documents launched

Digital transformation documents launched

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has just announced the publication of the "Yellow Pages of Digital Transformation Providers" with more than 50 digital transformation solutions.
green tech the catalyst for growth

Green tech the catalyst for growth

Vietnam has great potential to develop and attract investment in the green economy and apply the most advanced technologies, as well as building stable and attractive policies.
cp vietnams 30 year journey of gratitude

C.P. Vietnam's 30-year journey of gratitude

Setting foot in Vietnam in the early days when the country first opened for foreign investors, C.P. Vietnam has travelled an impressively long way, not only contributing to changing the lives of Vietnamese people and the nation's agricultural sector, but also spreading a culture of gratitude across the country.
88 billion of fdi into vietnam in the first four months

$8.8 billion of FDI into Vietnam in the first four months

Although total foreign direct investment (FDI) flows into Vietnam in the first four months decreased by 17.9 per cent on-year, both newly registered and share purchase capital was reported to raise.
businesses should proactively respond to gmt

Businesses should proactively respond to GMT

The global minimum tax (GMT) rate will enable Vietnam to switch businesses to preferential investment status proactively to retain large overseas investors, while also supporting the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises in the domestic market.
enhanced awareness and efforts from businesses to reach climate goals

Enhanced awareness and efforts from businesses to reach climate goals

Drawing on the private sector’s know-how, influence, and scale to bridge the gap to a more equitable and sustainable future, the global economy can continue to grow while reaching the climate goals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
businesses hoping for flexibility with lending conditions

Businesses hoping for flexibility with lending conditions

Businesses are still up against it when it comes to applying for bank loans, even though Vietnam’s central bank has cut interest rates several times already this year.