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Igniting creativity: inside Sun Life Vietnam's innovative workspaces

November 09, 2023 | 12:35

In its mission alongside embracing cultural and artistic expressions, Sun Life Vietnam pays special attention to cultivating creative workspaces to enhance the experiences of its staff, advisor and clients.

Igniting creativity: inside Sun Life Vietnam's innovative workspaces

Igniting creativity: inside Sun Life Vietnam's innovative workspaces

Synergy of optimally designed creative spaces not only celebrates unique cultural aspects, but also enriches and personalises experiences. Investment in these creatively designed spaces underlines Sun Life Vietnam's philosophy: to forge environments that ignite creativity and infuse a vibrant energy among clients, partners, and employees.

But these spaces offer more than just a spark of innovation. They serve as central points for disseminating values and fostering community connections, bridging the gap between business and the arts. This strategic and heartfelt approach is consistently replicated across Sun Life Vietnam's locations nationwide, demonstrating the company's dedicated pursuit of an enriched, culturally attuned professional environment.

Igniting creativity: inside Sun Life Vietnam's innovative workspaces

Igniting creativity: inside Sun Life Vietnam's innovative workspaces

Nestled on the 30th floor of the Vietcombank tower, the Y-Lounge of Sun Life Vietnam redefines sophistication with a modern twist, uniquely focusing on human emotions and experiences. Its name, echoing the Vietnamese word for 'idea', captures the spirit of its aviation-inspired design.

Sun-drenched windows in this lofty space strike a delicate balance between the vibrant cityscape below and the lounge's serene interior. It is a place where each visitor is subtly nudged towards discovering their ideal state of mind.

Y-Lounge exemplifies the lounge model with its modern design, reflective walls and ceilings, and the vibrant orange-cushioned modular seating. It offers a space where partner groups and clients can convene, sparking spontaneous and effective creative conversations.

With its expansive architecture and emphasis on interaction and smooth furniture transitions, Y-Lounge's airy and free atmosphere extends a subtly engaging touch to every detail. Seemingly opposing elements - the sturdy metal finishes and reflective walls against the soft lines of the sofas and windows - harmoniously coexist, creating an intriguing space for vision and reflection.

This melding of spaces symbolises Sun Life's commitment to a mutually supportive, inseparable relationship with its clients.

Igniting creativity: inside Sun Life Vietnam's innovative workspaces

Igniting creativity: inside Sun Life Vietnam's innovative workspaces

Shifting from high-rise modernism to heritage charm, Sun Life's flagship space, De La Sól, set in a historic villa in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 3, marks a striking balance between past and future.

The space is an ode to artistic expression and modern business culture. De La Sól goes beyond serving exquisite coffee and pastries. It is a vibrant cultural meeting point for Vietnam's burgeoning art scene, enhancing the client experience through an emotionally enriching environment.

The flagship's design highlights include a majestic, fan-shaped spiral staircase, hinting at the craftsmanship and artistic flair that define the space. This feature adds an artistic touch and elevates the sense of openness within the villa, allowing for a seamless flow between business interactions and creative exchanges.

Acting as the focal point for client engagement, the ground-floor lobby doubles as a cafe-style area, offering a warm, tranquil setting. Here, architecture and nature intertwine. The use of natural light and plant life creates a soothing, organic ambiance, transporting clients away from the hustle of city life into a tranquil, reflective space.

The standout feature here is the natural energy that flows seamlessly throughout the space. Solar power evenly distributed across the building penetrates skylights and cascades through longitudinal windows, daily capturing the essence of dawn and dusk, marking countless cherished moments of life in the passage of time.

A hallmark of De La Sól is its profound integration of nature's living energy, seamlessly flowing through the space. The ambiance inside is uniquely shaped by the equitable distribution of sunlight. Skylights adorn the ceiling, cascading rays of light across the room, filtered through the series of vertical glass panels.

Such architectural design not only embraces ecological mindfulness but also narrates a story of natural light and shade. It symbolises the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of contemporary business spaces, where the rhythm of nature resonates with the pulse of daily corporate life.

Igniting creativity: inside Sun Life Vietnam's innovative workspaces

Igniting creativity: inside Sun Life Vietnam's innovative workspaces

Situated on the bustling Nguyen Van Cu street in District 1, the S.Pace office of Sun Life Vietnam stretches over 3,000 square metres, presenting a professional and industrial yet intimate ambiance.

Designed to seamlessly merge professional tasks with leisure, this office space stands as an oasis in the urban landscape. Its centrepiece, a vast LED screen, enlivens the space, hosting events including the Cinephile project. This initiative monthly spotlights Vietnamese art house cinema, enriching the cultural experiences of clients and staff alike.

Soaring high above the city on the 22nd floor of Hanoi's Capital Place, the Y. Lounge office of Sun Life Vietnam makes its own mark. Drawing inspiration from the serene Hoan Kiem Lake, the office space is a testament to bespoke design, blending elements of elegance and comfort.

With its domed windows, stage area, mini bar, and co-workspaces, the office's symmetry and artistic arrangement evoke a sense of relaxation. Intricately placed mirrors throughout the space ensure that no matter where one is situated, the entirety of the setting is experienced.

Attention to detail is key, with each element - from the decor to the colour palette - carefully curated to resonate with local climate, culture, and social norms, thereby enriching the user experience and stimulating creativity.

In line with its vision of a brighter life for its clients and employees, Sun Life Vietnam has expanded its footprint with new offices in Vinh, Danang, Vinh Phuc, and other provinces. These spaces, inspired by the sun's life-giving energy, symbolise a fresh chapter of vitality in office design, blending modern functional needs with elements that uplift and inspire.

In addition, the spaces signify a fresh chapter of innovation and energy, marrying the functionalities of a modern office with artistic elements that inspire and invigorate all who visit.

Sun Life Vietnam's strategy goes beyond geographical expansion, illustrating a commitment to a brighter, more innovative future. These spaces are designed not just for aesthetic appeal, but as integral parts of a broader mission to enhance wellbeing and spur creativity.

Igniting creativity: inside Sun Life Vietnam's innovative workspaces

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