government works on keeping public debt in check

Government works on keeping public debt in check

Despite huge spending for supporting businesses through the continuing pandemic, Vietnam will likely continue to closely control its public debt this year, ensuring national financial security.
frieslandcampina vietnam pursues sustainable development

FrieslandCampina Vietnam pursues sustainable development

Dutch-backed FrieslandCampina is pursuing sustainable development as one of its key drivers to success in Vietnam.
support packages setting up enterprises for positive 2022

Support packages setting up enterprises for positive 2022

In a bid to reach higher economic growth over the next few years, and with domestic production still struggling, the National Assembly will this week adopt a new fiscal and monetary package to provide some relief for the business community and the people.
vinh long province enjoys dutch backed climate adaptation project

Vinh Long province enjoys Dutch-backed climate adaptation project

The Netherlands granted $19.5 million to a climate adaptation project in Vinh Long province.
vietnam gears up for oda acceleration to drive projects

Vietnam gears up for ODA acceleration to drive projects

Vietnam is in the hunt for huge resources, including foreign capital, to fuel domestic production. With that, the government has set out priorities including working with development partners to seek more preferential loans.
digitalisation is the game changer

Digitalisation is the game-changer

Vietnam’s National Assembly has adopted the Socioeconomic Development Plan for 2022 and the Socioeconomic Development Strategy for 2021-2025, with digital transformation among the outlined key drivers. Dr. Pham Thai Lai, president and CEO of Siemens ASEAN and Vietnam, talked with VIR’s Thanh Thu about the process, with Siemens playing a particular role in national industrialisation and modernisation.
hardships overcome with diplomacy

Hardships overcome with diplomacy

With the contributions of the diplomatic sector, the Vietnamese economy has reaped a raft of achievements in expanding trade networks and foreign capital sources. In the coming time, foreign affairs under the direction of the 13th National Party Congress will help further enhance the country’s international prestige.
calls made to scale up vital public investment

Calls made to scale up vital public investment

Accelerating disbursement of public investment and furthering the support of struggling businesses and individuals to recover from existing difficulties will be key momentum for achieving higher economic growth from now until the end of next year.
committing to a balanced and resilient economy

Committing to a balanced and resilient economy

Vietnam is mulling over a big programme on economic recovery and development. Andrew Jeffries, country director for Vietnam at the Asian Development Bank, talked with VIR’s Thanh Thu about how the country can provide effective support for its economy.
bonanza within reach with introduction of rcep deal

Bonanza within reach with introduction of RCEP deal

With the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership set to take effect next year, more opportunities are around the corner for Vietnam to attract more investment and expand its trade with foreign partners.
offering a direction for the nations climate change efforts

Offering a direction for the nation’s climate change efforts

This month Vietnam announced strong commitments to tackling climate change, including the target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Terence D. Jones, resident representative a.i. in Vietnam for the United Nations Development Programme, talked with VIR’s Thanh Thu about the country’s significant commitment.
key drivers to fortify economic upswing

Key drivers to fortify economic upswing

A rebound in trade and domestic production is expected to continue driving the Vietnamese economy next year.
captivating incentives target fdi from europe

Captivating incentives target FDI from Europe

Vietnam will continue considering foreign investment one of its important drivers for socioeconomic development over the next four years, with its ambitious plan to attract more high-quality funding. For this plan to become true, special incentives will soon be offered.
digital requirements clear for modernisation within asean

Digital requirements clear for modernisation within ASEAN

With ASEAN agreed on furthering digital ties, Vietnam as an active and responsible member of the bloc is accelerating the application of digital technologies and administrative reforms to facilitate trade activities.
japanese committed to oda infrastructure ventures

Japanese committed to ODA infrastructure ventures

With Vietnam strongly accelerating infrastructure construction in service of the country’s socioeconomic development, Japan is expected to continue supporting its strategic partner via official development assistance.