setting up for decades of economic advances

Setting up for decades of economic advances

Vietnam is embarking upon its next development stage as a higher middle-income country pursuing innovation to achieve further sustainable development, thus creating a new growth model based on higher productivity.
award gala for the competition women entrepreneurs planning for success

Award gala for the competition “Women entrepreneurs planning for success”

The Award Gala for the competition “ Women entrepreneurs planning for success” has taken place on November 25 in four different locations in Hanoi, the northern city of Haiphong, and Ho Chi Minh city.
us urged to avail of cptpp promise

US urged to avail of CPTPP promise

With the attractiveness of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is now drawing interest from some non-member nations, the US administration has been urged to rejoin the deal which can provide numerous benefits to the Americans. If the world’s biggest economy does so, the bilateral trade and investment ties between the US and Vietnam will further flourish.
vietnam gets serious with emissions

Vietnam gets serious with emissions

While working with the international community to combat climate change, Vietnam has made a strong commitment to cut down greenhouse gas emissions – however, this would also mean the country will have to revise development strategies of sectors using fossil fuels.
humble disbursement can turn the corner

Humble disbursement can turn the corner

Boosting public investment and further supporting struggling enterprises to recover will be key momentum for achieving higher economic growth moving into next year.
tech goals rising for a digital decade

Tech goals rising for a digital decade

As a central part of its economic restructuring plan until 2025, Vietnam will continue providing policy and financial assistance to investors and businesses with projects to digitalise themselves, which will help drive higher quality in economic growth.
rcep poised to accelerate recovery

RCEP poised to accelerate recovery

More strong commitments to ratify the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership are promising to put this trade deal into force soon, facilitating member states to expand trade and investment ties.
remedies crafted to soothe out of reach business goals

Remedies crafted to soothe out-of-reach business goals

With Vietnam seriously hit by difficulties caused by the health crisis, the country’s 2021-2025 Economic Restructuring Plan is to prioritise further support for struggling enterprises as one of the key remedies for the nation to reach 1.5 million private firms and an annual economic growth rate of 6.5-7 per cent over the next four years.
second na session to discuss and adopt key issues

Second NA session to discuss and adopt key issues

The second session of the 15th National Assembly (NA) that began this morning and will last for 17 days will discuss many crucial issues that can have a significant impact on national socio-economic development.
immediate action to lift up business

Immediate action to lift up business

The second session of the 15th National Assembly will kick off this week, with a major focus to be placed on discussing solutions to further support businesses hurt by the health crisis, and ensuring foreign investment growth continues in a positive direction in the long term.
hopes high for year end rally to reverse shaky trade balance

Hopes high for year-end rally to reverse shaky trade balance

In spite of massive woes, Vietnam’s goods import-export landscape is gaining momentum thanks to bit-by-bit recovery in domestic production and gradual reopening of many foreign markets.
vaccine rollout critical for recovery

Vaccine rollout critical for recovery

The slowdown in the economic recovery has earned Vietnam lower-than-expected growth forecasts from some high-profile international organisations – but one of the key solutions will be accelerating vaccinations in addition to materialising policies to help enterprises and individuals out of woes.
innovation name of the game in vietnams digital ambitions

Innovation name of the game in Vietnam’s digital ambitions

The government’s fresh hallmark action programme on implementing the country’s 2021-2025 socioeconomic development plan will lay firm groundwork for continued renewal of the economy’s growth model, with one of the top priorities being the application of digital solutions.
protracted restrictions put main growth drivers at risk

Protracted restrictions put main growth drivers at risk

A continued trade deficit over the past few months and an expected drop caused by the global health crisis in inflows of foreign investment are unlikely to weaken Vietnam’s external position this year.
shaping the bright future of city life

Shaping the bright future of city life

How can we create strong ecosystems to ensure safe, sustainable, and liveable cities in the future? What are the best practices in this field and what can we learn from them? Dr. Thai Lai Pham, CEO for Siemens ASEAN and Vietnam, talked with VIR’s Thanh Dat about Siemens’ answers for these challenges and the company’s unique digital offering for smart cities.